Revolutionizing Flooring Solutions in Melbourne

Discover the innovative appeal of Iconic Epoxy Flooring, a frontrunner in the realm of seamless, cost-effective floor choices. Boasting an extensive spectrum of hues and an alluring glossy finish, our premium epoxy finishes have stood the test of time, especially in the sphere of commercial flooring.


Pioneering the epoxy flooring landscape since 2010, Iconic Timber Flooring Pty Ltd has solidified its position as an expert in commercial and industrial epoxy flooring. Meticulously overseeing each stage from meticulous preparation to flawless execution, our Melbourne epoxy flooring proficient team ensures the delivery of non-slip, waterproof, and contemporary epoxy flooring.


Elevate Your Space with Superior Epoxy Coatings

Are you familiar with the transformative power of an epoxy floor? It stands as the epitome of durability and impermeability, especially when it comes to seamlessly coating surfaces. Our epoxy-coated floors are renowned for their exceptional resilience and safety, making them a popular choice for premium commercial and industrial structures. They guarantee a sealed, hygienic, and specialty surface that is both waterproof and visually appealing.


Be it a residential installation or a sleek commercial project in Melbourne, our epoxy floors add an unparalleled touch of sophistication to your property. They safeguard your concrete floors from water damage and withstand the relentless pressure of heavy traffic, ensuring a long-lasting, non-compromising, and slip-resistant surface. Suitable for contemporary home interiors and sprawling commercial spaces, our epoxy floor coatings are the ultimate solution.


Unveiling the Essence of Epoxy Flooring

A testament to our commitment, an epoxy floor is an intricate protective surface system amalgamating layers of high-quality epoxy resin and hardeners. This amalgamation results in a robust flooring solution that not only promises durability but also guarantees a steadfast, rigid, and secure non-slip surface.


Leading the Way in Melbourne Flooring Solutions

At Iconic Timber Flooring Pty Ltd, we provide top-notch 100% solids designer epoxy, tailored to meet the most discerning needs. Our customisable epoxy floorings redefine the concept of quality finishes, reflecting our dedication to delivering unparalleled flooring solutions.






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